Learn to dive near Kalithea Bay with a Padi-Certified instructor.

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The island of Rhodes is all about sunshine, swimming, snorkelling and surfing.  Why not add a little bit of scuba diving? The waters of Rhodes are crystal clear and there couldn’t be a better place to learn how to dive.  The marine life is gorgeous and a marine underwater world will open up a whole new experience for you.

You can sign up for a beginners Scuba Diving Experience and learn to dive near Kalithea Bay with a Padi-certified instructor.  You will learn everything you need to know as a first time diver, and you do not need to have any past experience.   Your dive will be in fairly shallow waters – Kalithea Bay is just half an hour from Mandraki Harbour -and the fish and coral are quite beautiful out there.

The boat ride to Kalithea is really pretty, with turquoise waters and interesting rock formations. Once on board, and after your instructions, lesson and briefing, you will be in a wet suit and mask, fitted out in your kit and – down you go.  It’s safe, exciting and there will always be an instructor to help you.

If you love the dive, there is the opportunity for a second deeper dive.  And if you only want the one dive, you can enjoy time on board the boat,  swimming, suntanning and enjoying refreshments.  The area is really pretty and if you don’t want to dive at all, you will still  love the trip.

At the end of the scuba diving excursion you will be taken back to your starting point with a certificate and a new sense of the incredible deep marine underworld.  It’s magnificent down there and the waters of Rhodes are the best place to learn!