This night tour starts at 8 pm and includes dinner and dancing.

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Night life in Greece starts late and just when other people are thinking of going to bed, the Greeks are just starting.  You can walk around the Island of Rhodes late at night and there is always something going on.  This night tour starts at 8 pm and includes dinner and dancing.

Dinner in Greece is not small! The Greek starters are always divine and you get huge platters of food.  Hummus, tzatziki, dolmades, grilled cheese, taramasalata, Greek fresh break or garden bread, salad with feta cheese and the ripest of tomatoes – hungry yet?  And that is just the beginning.  Then you will have a meat dish, either chicken, meat or fish – accompanied by rice and chips and more salad if you want.  Dessert is always sweet and sticky and completely and utterly irresistible.

Greek Dancers in Traditional CostumesAnd then of course, there’s Greek dancing.  Greek music is fabulous and festive and the Greek people have great rhythm.  You will find grandmothers of 100 years old taking part and old men in particular love to dance.  It’s not just dancing though – it’s traditional Greek dancing where plates get thrown!  And they sure get thrown in style.

Refreshments are including, and that means local beers, local wines, ouzo or just ice-cold drinks.  Wear something cool as you may get hot and steamy from the dancing, and it’s a good idea to wear closed shoes too.  You will also be able to wander around the area and village that you are in, so take your cameras and a little money in case you feel like doing just a little shopping.

There are pick ups included from most hotels and after the tour, and with a full belly, you will be safely returned. All included.