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You can choose to visit Rhodes at night on a  walking tour and we think this is the way to do it.  Wandering through narrow alleys with dimly lit lanterns on either side is pretty special, especially when the alley are as old as the hills.  Rhodes by night is a fantastic tour, summer or winter, and you get to see all the highlights of the old town and medieval city.

Medieval Castle, Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of RhodesYou will walk through the gates of Saint Athansios, learn about the monuments, palaces and forts that you wander by, and marvel not only at the ancient architecture but the historical stories that come with them.  See the ancient Mosque, old synagogues and exquisite churches lit up against the night sky, and take photographs as the light changes, light blue to dark blue, grey to silver, dusk to dark.

There is always time on a tour for a little shopping and the stores in the old town of Rhodes do not disappoint.  Whether you want a few souvenirs, a leather jacket, gorgeous silver jewellery or other traditional Greek gifts, you will find them.  You have enough leisure time to wander before meeting up again for dinner at one of the oldest restaurants on the island.

And then, a walk through the new city, a visit to Mandraki esplanade and harbour – and a short night time cruise.  The streets of Rhodes are always bustling, in both the new and the old town, and a walk at night is a fabulous way to be a part of the bustle.  You’ll have a brilliant guide who will point out all the highlights and show you parts of Rhodes you would not see on your own.

Tempted?  Of course you are.  You get to see and experience a bit of everything.  By moonlight!