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If you haven’t tried out a two wheeled Segway before, touring the Island of Rhodes is the perfect place to do it.  Your guide will guide you an orientation session so that you know exactly what to do – and honestly, pretty much anyone can ride a Segway – and then you’ll zoom off after him, exploring the narrow streets and alleys of the ancient village of Rhodes.

Actually, you won’t zoom off, you’ll take the same pace as this old medieval village, which is slow, relaxed and leisurely.  There are so many historical places of interesting, the buildings and architecture are astonishing, and you will want to soak it all in.  Your guide will stop at the main places of interest – and these will include but not be limited to:-

The Ibraham Pasha Mosque, the oldest mosque in town.

The Headquarters of the Knights of the Order of St. John

The Grand Master’s PLACE.

The Jewish Quarter of Rhodes.

The Hospice of St. Catherine

St. John’s Gate and St. Athanassios Gate.

The Lady of the Burgo, the largest Latin basilica of the island.

As you can see, the old town is filled with history.  The sights are incredible and you will have plenty of time to get off your Segway and wander around, soaking all in.  It’s all pretty medieval and historical, and even if you are not into history and culture, you cannot help but be moved by the many stories from ancient Greece.

Entrance fees are not included – many of the places you will just want to see from the outside – but if you want to go in, you can do this on your own.  There is also wonderful shopping on the way, and of course in true Greek style, a lot of fab food and drink!