Beautiful Rhodes Island.  People flock here from all over the world for the sunshine, the sea, the amazing Greek food, wine and atmosphere.  It’s not all sunshine and beauty though – although who doesn’t want that – there is history and culture too.  The best way to see Rhodes, especially if your time is limited, is to take a Rhodes shore excursion. There are many tours of offer and you can choose to do a group tour or have a private custom made tour designed for you. Custom made tours are often the best way to see the island of Rhodes.  You can discuss your interests with your guide, be flexible and visit the parts of the island that appeal to you.  You may want to see the Rhodes Jewish Quarter, do a wine tour, visit the hidden beaches and coves of Rhodes, climb up the Rhodes Acropolis, focus on archeology or do a food or walking tour.

You can see the various tours on offer here.  If you want to do a Rhodes shore excursion, do it on a private basis.  Your will maximise your time and see all the beauty in a top quality manner.  See the beaches, swim, take a cruise, walk through the archeological ruins, learn about the history – or do whatever you choose to do!