Don’t miss visiting the Anthony Quinn Bay where they filmed ‘The Guns of Navarone’.

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The island of Rhodes is just gorgeous and while you will want to spend time in the old and new village, and hanging out on ‘your beach’, we do suggest you enjoy a cruise so you can see and take in some of the other parts of the island.  A full day cruise is a stunning way to do this – you can soak in the sun while sightseeing, swim and enjoy the magical warm Aegaen waters, and also be exposed to beautiful sights, history and people.  As well as fabulous Greek food!

Your cruise will take you to The Anthony Quinn Bay, Afandou Bay and Tsambika Beach.  You can dive head first into the ocean, or step gracefully off the boat into the cool clear waters, and you can walk and laze on the white sandy beaches that look like they’ve just come out of movies.  In fact, they most likely have.  ‘The Guns of Navarone’ was filmed at The Anthony Quinn Bay and you can have your photograph taken at Quinn’s most special spot.

The sights on the way are pretty special and you’ll have fabulous island and ocean views, from all around Rhodes.   The stop at Kalithea Spa is a real highlight and you will not just feel relaxed by a dip in the healing waters but you may feel incredibly healthy too.  Of course it could just the sun and the sea and the salt that make you feel healthy too.

Lunch is buffet style, served on the boat, and if you want to take a swim before dessert is served, feel free!  It’s relaxed on board and you can do things in your own time.

Transport to and from the harbour is by bus and this road trip is interesting too.  Tempted?