The Aegean sea and it’s crystal clear water is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, diving and sailing.  There are water sports centres dotted all around the Island of Rhodes and you will find harbours filled with luxury yachts and old fishing boats too.  Everything in Rhodes happens on the water and while you may spend your days lazing on the beach and dipping in the sea when it gets a little too hot, a cruise is a must-do while you’re on the island.

There is a lot of choice.  You may want to do an all inclusive full day cruise that includes sailing, snorkelling, stopping off in private beaches and a divine seafood lunch.  A shorter sunset cruise may be your thing, especially if you want to end a day with a little romance!  you can choose cruises or sailboats that take in not just sailing and swimming but inland excursions too.   And if you have the time, visit one of the other islands in Greece.  You can get to Simi Island by boat, Halki Island on a full day trip and also to Marmaris in Turkey.The water in Rhodes is warm, calm, divine and perfect.   You can float around on a tube, kayak, wind surf, jet ski, kite surf and more.  Look at the wide range of tours here and choose the one that suits you best.