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The old town of Rhodes is beautiful and is undoubtably the island’s tourist hot spot.  Visitors stay in both the new town and the old town, and you are sure to explore both areas, but the old town is filled with magic and history and it’s so worth doing a tour.  The old town still has some of the old Medieval walls and you can walk through the old Medieval streets getting a sense of history and what life was like centuries ago.  There old town is filled with atmosphere and you will old traditional against a little new – Greek people sit outside, sipping tea, playing board games, and going about their daily work.  There are also tavernas and souvenir shops, colourful market stalls and street stalls, and of course the ancient architecture, old buildings, churches and chapels.

You will spend time walking with a guide who will explain the history of the area to you, and you will have time on your own.  After refreshments, it’s on to Lindos.  Once again, you’ll have a walking tour and will marvel at the narrow streets, the traditions of the Greek people, and the history of the area.  The Acropolis is atop a hill and the walk up is fabulous, with extraordinary views.

Take your camera for the pics of the whitewashed homes, the old chapels and the cobble stone streets.  Take your wallet too, the shopping is divine. If you want to visit a local home, that is included in the tour too.

Take good walking shoes if you want to climb to see the Acropolis; it is well worth it and you’ll get it when you see the view.  There are crystal clear bays and some lovely beaches and you may just have time for dip in the ocean too.