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If you like to be active then a tour of the Island of Rhodes by bike is a wonderful idea.  You can see the main sights and get exercise at the same time!  There are several bike tours that you can choose from, depending on your fitness level and your energy level.  There are tours for city bikers, mountain bikers and extreme bikers and you just need to select the right ‘easy/difficulty’ level for you.

The beauty about a tour of Rhodes by bike is that you can see everything – the coastline, the bays, the ocean, the mountains, the villages and the forests.  You still get a tan but you get exercise too.

Rhodes City on a Bike.

See the harbour of Mandraki, the new and old towns of Rhodes and cycle up Monte Smith for an unrivalled view of the island.  This is an easy cycle and it’s mostly on-road with a little bit of riding off the beaten path.  You cycle for about an hour, approximately 12 kms,  and get a great overview of the Island and deep blue sea all around.

Bike by the Sea.

This is possibly the most popular cycle tour in Rhodes because you see pretty much everything that you would see on the standard Rhodes tour, but you are outside in nature all the time.  All the highlights of the Bays are included with leisure time at Anthony Quinn Bay and the Roman baths of Kallithea.  Cycle and enjoy a heated bath!  Easy to moderate cycle.

Filerimos Bike Forest Tour.

This is really unlike anything else you see in Rhodes.  You can cycle deep into the forest and once at the top of Filerimos Hill, enjoy incredible views of the ocean. It’s about 10 kms and takes about an hour.


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