Rhodes is all about sunshine, swimming, Greek food, Greek wine, fabulous shopping, water sports, exploration, relaxation and activity.  There is a ton to see and do on the island and sometimes the best way is to join a tour.  You can decide,  half day or full day, and you can choose a tour on foot, boat, bike, car or coach.  You may even want a combination.  One of the most beautiful places to visit is the old town of Rhodes, and a walking tour here is brilliant.  Many people come just to explore the old Jewish Quarter, Byzantine churches and ancient architecture.  Walk or bike, the guides are excellent and you won’t be sorry.

If you’re into activity and exercise, look at the Sea Kayaking tours.  Sailing and snorkelling tours are also big hits, and anyone should do a boat or yacht cruise while in Rhodes.  You’ll find sundowner cruises, full day cruises and you can even hire a yacht. The Valley of the Butterflies is stunning and shouldn’t be missed.  There are hiking tours, trails and landrover trips too.  If you love to hike, do a day trip to Akramytis and Monolithos, it’s pretty amazing.   Visit the old and new town, take a trip to Lindos, the Kallithea Baths are amazing, you can learn to dive – do it all.