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Symi Island is known for its enchanting village, beautiful beaches and colourful neoclassical houses that surround the bright and sparkling harbour.  It’s an easy ferry ride from the Island of Rhodes, over the Aegean Sea with stunning views, and on to this mountainous isle.  On arrival your guide will take you for a short walk alongside the waterfront and then you’re on your own to discover, walk, explore, swim and shop.  You have the full day to wander through the narrow, cobblestoned streets, browse the local wares and shop up a storm, eat delicious food, take a dip in the ocean, admire the views, or even get a little culture.

The Monastery of the Archangel Michael is quite magnificent; an 18th century monastery with the world’s highest baroque bell tower.  You can go inside and spend time in the church if you would like to and take in the current museum exhibits.  You can also learn about the fascinating practice of sponge diving, dating back to Ancient Greek times, or you could just choose to go for a quick dive.

Multicoloured houses at Panormitis Bay on Symi IslandThe many Greek tavernas are tempting and your only difficulty will be making a choice! Sit back, feel the sun on your back, enjoy fresh seafood and fabulous Greek fare and then hop back on board the ferry for the trip to Panormitis Bay. Get your cameras ready because the bay is rather beautiful and you can enjoy a walk and a wander along the bay and through the small and quaint village. There will be some leisure time, with perhaps a Greek coffee and sticky pastry, or a glass of wine, before you head back to Rhodes Island in the late afternoon.

Note that sometimes this tour is done in reverse, first visiting Panormitis Bay and then Symi Island.