It’s not often you can do a day trip to Turkey and this makes the perfect outing from Rhodes!

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It’s pretty exciting crossing the Aegean Sea and travelling to Turkey, even if just for a day.  You can take part in a day tour to Marmaris where you can experience a fantastic few hours of Turkish culture.  Marmaris is a port city where you can explore the harbour, hang out at the vibrant and colourful markets, drink Turkish tea and enjoy all sorts of Turkish delights, sightsee and shop.

Turkey is well known for its carpets and high quality leather and you will find both of these in Marmaris.  But you will also find turquoise waters – Marmaris is on the Turquoise Coast -a vibrant seafront promenade, a pebble beach with fabulous warm water, and also gorgeous mountains, forests and nature.

Your tour will include the ferry ride from Rhodes to Marmaris, with assistance going through passport control.  It’s a quick process and before you know it, you will have arrived from Greece into Turkey.  Immediately you will feel a new culture, new people and of course, hear a new language.  Your tour will include a short introduction and then a coach tour of the harbour and a stop at the famous Marmaris Bazaar.  There will be plenty of time for you to walk around the market, shop and explore, and then have a long and leisurely lunch.

Turkey is well known for it’s soft and high quality leather and if you would like to see how the leather is made, you can happily visit a local factory. If carpets are your thing, you can see how the carpets are woven, and marvel at the skill and creativity that goes into one carpet.

Before you leave, stock up on Turkish Delight – it makes the best present for family and friends – and don’t forget to buy a few treats for yourself.  It’s not often you can do a day trip to Turkey and this makes the perfect outing from Rhodes!



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