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The only way to reach Halki Island is by boat.  There is no airport and the island is one of the smallest Dodecanese islands, still mostly untouched, magnificent, pure and remote.  It’s one of those idyllic islands – surrounded by bright blue crystal clear water, with colourful fishing boats bobbing up and down.

The island, and it only has a population of around 300 people, is breathtaking.  Whitewashed homes, whitewashed churches, narrow alleys, isolated monasteries, churches, beautiful trees with bright pink berries that are a favourite of the goats, dogs and donkeys, beaches, peace and quiet.  The island is mostly untouched and has held on to its  natural charm with very little outside influence.

A day trip to Halki Island takes 9 hours in total and is worth every penny.  You can wander the narrow alleys and winding roads on foot, you can hire a donkey and explore that way, get a driver if you want to go further, and perhaps rent a boat for an hour or two.  Halki has some exquisite and hidden bays and if you like swimming, crystal clear water and white sand, Halki is the island for you.  On a day trip you have enough time to take in all the highlights and relax, get a bit of a tan and have a fantastic meal.

Take your camera because you are likely to see not just stunning views, pretty bays, local fisherman and their boats, but also, goats in trees.  The island is authentic and charming, and has  hardly changed over the years.  The boat crossing to Halki takes just over an hour and then you really are in your own paradise.  There are lovely coffee shops and taverns, souvenirs and a small markets, and of course, tons fig trees.