You are currently viewing The Old and New City of Rhodes and the Archeological Museum

Rhodes Island is a beautiful island, it is not just filled with stunning beaches, upmarket boutiques and fabulous bars.  The New City of Rhodes has wide streets, gorgeous hotels, great shopping and the fabulous Mandraki harbour and esplanade.  You can enjoy a walk along the beachfront, do a little shopping and then – time to see the old.

The old town of Rhodes is fascinating.  Spend time walking through the narrow streets and alleyways, wondering past ancient mosques, chapels and synagogues.  The Jewish Quarter is captivating and your guide will explain the history of Rhodes to you.  You will have stops at the Temple of Apollo, the Ancient Stadium, the Knight’s Palace and the Archeological Museum.

You have the choice of going inside these wondrous forts, palaces and ruins although entrance fees are not included.  This gives you complete flexibility and you can choose where you want to spend time.  Your guide will always give you the meeting points and times so you can keep up with the tour.

The Archeological Museum of Rhodes is also pretty fascinating, filled with ancient artefacts.  If you prefer, you can just walk and shop, browsing through the many colourful and vibrant markets, shopping for souvenirs and enjoying the photographic opportunities.

There are wonderful Green tavernas in both the old and the new town of Rhodes and a lunch stop will be made too.  You can dip your feet in the ocean or climb up a hill for a great view.  The choices on this tour are varied, and you will get an excellent overview into Rhodes, the people and the history.

Chat about the times of this tour, you can do a morning tour, an afternoon tour or a full day tour to include the old Rhodes, new Rhodes and everything in between.


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