If you like the idea of a remote and mountainous village on Rhodes Island, this is the place for you.  Monolithos has just 134 inhabitants!!  It’s high up, surrounded by unspoiled wide open vistas, stunning rock and the archeological delight, the Monolithos Castle.  Most visitors to Monolithos come for a few hours just to see the castle but you can stay in some of the village dwellings too.

The village is teeny and that is why it is so utterly charming.  It’s off the beaten track.  Each home is a delight, with flowers in the courtyard, brightly coloured doors and beautiful splashes of pink and purple bougainvillea.  Donkeys wander through the village, the locals are mostly farmers and there are few cafes and taverns.  It’s un-commercial and unspoiled in Monolithos. You will find a few small hotels in the area and there are resorts nearby.  Come on your own, come with your kids or with your partner.  Rhodes is gorgeous and Monolithos is definitely one of the areas that needs exploring.  You’ll fall in love with its beauty.