Lahania is a village on Rhodes Island in Greece, quiet and remote, far from the hustle and bustle of Rhodes town.  It’s a little village in a totally unspoiled part of Greece, 70 kms way from the city centre. Lahania is on top of a hill, surrounded by olive groves, farmland and rivers.  It’s all about open spaces and beautiful views, traditional Greek life, local people, local food and creativity.

You can walk to the beach which is in itself a beautiful thing to do.  You’ll walk through the village, past local homes and through rural farmland – and then the beach is quiet, beautiful, and most importantly, quiet.  Lay down, feel the sun on your shoulders, reach a book, fly a kite and swim!  Lahania is about rest and relaxation, stunning warm water, a laid back lifestyle and tranquility. There are a few hotels, a few guest houses, some excellent Greek bars and restaurants and there is shopping too!  The village Square is a dream.  Locals sip their coffee, play backgammon and do their embroidery.  Lahania is real, it’s what Greek life is all about.