Kamiros is in the north west of Rhodes Island and is filled with history.  It was an ancient city, dating back to the 4th Century BC, and some of the first Rhodes inhabitants lived in Kamiros.  Today it’s all about farmland, grapes, figs and oil, and Kamiros is slowly making its way on to the tourist map.  Kamiros is 40 kms away from Rhodes City itself and many people come to see Kamiros for the history and culture.  There are a couple of lovely Greek taverns, there is always shopping to do and let’s not forget Kamiros Beach.

Kamiros beach is small, beautiful, quiet and offers excellent swimming. Crystal clear blue water make this a perfect family beach and there is a small playground too.  It’s quiet here, you will find the odd boat or boat trip, but there are no water sports which in itself is a big attraction. Come and visit this 3000 year old town; it is fascinating.  The people are lovely, the beach is lovely, there are a few taverns and the nearby village of Kalavarda is also beautiful, natural and unspoiled.