Iaylyssos is the second biggest town in Rhodes, situated in the north west part of the island.  It’s busy here, with lots of hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, great shopping, a good night life and some beautiful beaches. Choose the hotel that you want – big and glitzy or small and intimate, and choose your position. Some hotels have a private beach, others are public.  We suggest you try both!  There is a good water sports centre and the surfing, swimming, snorkelling and boating are all wonderful.

Ialyssos is not just about good food, wine, sunshine and swimming.  It’s an ancient city that dates back to 1500 BC and you will be able to discover astonishing archeological ruins.    The remains of the Temple of Zeus and Athena are nearby, you will find Byzantine ruins and a 70 m high cross commemorating Christian history.  The views from here are astonishing.  The village is great, it’s busy, you will find everything you want, and more. Hire a car, rent a bike, do a boat trip, relax in the sun, chat to the locals, shop up a storm and have a brilliant Greek holiday.