Haraki is one of those special finds, a Greek village that is still largely unspoiled by tourism.  There are a few lovely hotels and resorts and excellent Greek tavernas and bars.  The shopping is pretty good too.  The Haraki promenade is wonderful to walk up and down, sip a coffee or a glass of wine and watch the people and the sunset.  You can even walk to the Feraklos Castle, a real Haraki landmark.

The beach is a combination of pebbles and sand, depending on where you choose to lay your towel.  The swimming is fantastic and you can take your own snorkel or by one from one of the beach shacks or shops.  There is a lovely laid back atmosphere in Haraki and people stay a few days or a few months. You can drive to Agathi where you will find another beautiful beach with calm waters and soft sand.  Agathi is a bit more developed – you’ll find sun beds and umbrellas.  Haraki is just perfect for a holiday, still well priced, still quiet, and in a fabulous position.  Family friendly, honeymoon friendly and solo friendly too.