Filerimos is an old village on Rhodes Island, one filled with history, astonishing archeology and architecture, beautiful stories and Greek folklore. The famous Filerimos Monastery is here and it is completely breathtaking.  The village is located quite high, overlooking the Bays of Ixia and Trianda and the views are divine. More and more visitors are making this beautiful village their base.  There are many lovely hotels and guesthouses, perfect for families, honeymooners and solo travellers too.  No matter your budget, you will find something here.  Visitors rave about how friendly the people are.   The position is great and you can easily enjoy the swimming, food and shopping, and also reach all the main Rhodes highlights stress fee.

And then there is the local beach.  Crystal clear blue water, perfect for swimming and for water sports.  The Bay of Ixia is one of the more popular in Rhodes and is exactly what you imagine from a Greek Island.  Pure, total, natural beauty.  While you’re here, take a walk up Mt. Filerimos, breathe in the smell from the local orchards and then enjoy a fabulous meal, glass of wine, a little shopping and a fabulous sunset too.