If you’re planning a holiday to Rhodes, or even an extended stay, take a look at the village of Afandou.  The village is close to the sea (a short walk) and has a stunning 4 km long beach.  The area is popular with families, honeymooners, solo travellers and adventurers.   Faliraki, which is one of Rhode’s tourist hot spots, is not far away. The beauty of Afandou is you have a great selection of small guesthouses and boutique hotels, taverns, shops and bars, natural beauty and peace and quiet.  but all the action of Rhodes is not far away.   Enjoy the beach, the ancient churches and the gorgeous orange orchards dotted around.  And of course the sea is perfect.

Afandou is a village with atmosphere.  The story is that villages chose the spot to settle down as they were close to the ocean but couldn’t be seen by pirates.  The village square, the centre of the town, is dotted with cafes and beach stores, and it’s lovely to sit here, soak up the sun, watch the people and dream of days gone by.  Afandou is still an unspoiled and beautiful Greek village.  And it’s close enough to Faliraki and the centre of Rhodes for easy exploration.